Kimberly R Faucher, M.D.
Breast Health
Regular examination is key for early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Self-exams should be performed once a month after the menstrual cycle. Mammograms should also be performed regularly (annually from the age of 40 or sooner if needed) to detect any changes that may be discovered before the presence of a lump.
There are a few ways to effectively check your breasts. In general, you should regularly check your breasts following these four steps:
  • Use light, medium, and firm pressure
  • Feel the whole breast in a circular motion for knots, lumps, hardening, or any changes 
  • Squeeze the nipples to check for discharge
  • Check visually for any new marks, dimpling, swelling or any other changes
If you notice and changes or abnormalities, please call or email us right away.